We are specialized in embedded system development. Based on our 20 years experience in this industrial market field we are well prepared to implement your ideas. With our know-how in embedded software and hardware development we can cover the whole product life cycle from idea to series production. We especially understand embedded Linux, ARM CPU’s, modular computers, PCB design, ultra-low power design, battery management, camera systems, different standards of modular computers, embedded systems etc. We can cover the whole lifecycle of the product including testing, production and customer support, maintenance.

  • PCB schematic and layout development
  • Analogue and digital circuits
  • PCB schematic and layout development
  • Carrier board design (COMe, SMARC, ETXe etc.)
  • Test and certifications
  • Design to achieve EMC certification
  • GSM, GPRS, RFID, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WIFI, LoRa etc.


With more than 7 years of experience in embedded Linux development we can offer a comprehensive service for our partners. We have experience in embedded Linux kernel porting to ARM architecture, device driver development and applicaiton software with graphical interface. For embedded Linux system generation we use mostly Buildroot, but we have experience in Yocto too. In the past years we worked with the followings: CMOS camera sensors, capacitive and resistive touch screens, display via LVDS and parallel interface,thermo printer, LED driver, Ethernet, USB, PS2, PCIe, HDMI, RS232, I2C, SPI, FPD-Link III, 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, ALSA, DDR, LP-DDR, mSata, uSD, eMMC

  • Embedded linux kenel porting
  • Device driver development
  • Bootloader porting
  • Application software development


We design and develop software under x86 and ARM architecture. As a low-level design, we develop device driver for different interfaces (e.g. USB, RS232, display etc.), create bootloader, firmware, programming BIOS. We can perform development in C, C++, Assembly, and also in higher level languages.

  • embedded Linux kernel porting
  • device driver development
  • boot loader fejlesztés és porting
  • bootloader development
  • microcontroller firmware implementation


We design the mechanical elements of the embedded system in 3D to model and show the them under operation. We create BOM (Bill of Material) for standardized and long-term production. We prefer components and manufacturing methods which have the latest cutting-edge technology and reliable for long time.

  • mechanical elements design
  • 3D modelling
  • industrial design
  • chasses development


Quality is the key of success. We especially focus for long terms relationships with our business partner. It makes us competitive advantage during cooperation with our customer and our employees. We can guarantee that quality exists in our everyday work. Documentation, validation, verification, different tests are performed in software, hardware development and production.

  • EMC test preparation
  • validation, verifications
  • preparation for CE certificate
  • documentation


When the development reaches a certain level prototype shall be made. The prototype has all the functionality of the final product but some modification needed before the mass production.

  • mechanical prototyping
  • electronic prototyping
  • 3D printing
  • visual prototype


We measure during the test the thermal properties of electronic circuits, materials and the complete system. We apply the process from modest to high temperature. Thermal tests shall be considered at the whole development cycle. Good engineering work can reduce heat on the components and finally in the whole system. Passive cooling not always possible even of professional components selection and thermal design engineering. The housing, airflow, heat spreader components shall be selected in consideration to avoid extra heat. The whole system must be tested under real temperature environments and wheatear conditions.

  • thermal test (components, system)
  • thermal engineering by circuit design and components selection
  • life cycle tests
  • passive components
  • heat dissipation